If you operate a facility that cannot use water blasting or sand blasting, then you probably feel that you have limited options when it comes to maintaining a safe and clean environment. But did you know that you may be able to explore dry ice cleaning services to ensure your facility is maintained properly? Even if you’re already in the know and acknowledge the importance of pursuing alternative ways of cleaning your facility, you may have trouble finding the right service to meet your needs and your budget. If this sounds like you, dry ice cleaning services might be your best bet — and you’ll want to find the right company to provide those services.

First and foremost, you should always communicate with a few different dry ice cleaning services before you decide on one. It helps to know more about the options you have access to and compare the pros and cons. Most companies would love to answer any questions and address your concerns. Because your facility is unique, there are some special factors that will need to be considered; something that’s a top priority for your industry may not apply to another business. In this way, it helps to work with a service that understands your constraints and that values high-quality customer service.

Before choosing dry ice cleaning services, inform yourself about some of the basic considerations of dry ice storage and ice blasting as a general practice. If you neglect this, then you may end up making a bad decision. Even knowing some very simple properties of dry ice can be a major help. For example, because of its temperature, -79 degrees Celsius, dry ice will sublimate if not stored in a well insulated container. In fact, dry ice sublimates at a rate of 2% to 10% per day depending on the level of insulation. When you keep these figures in mind, it will help you to better determine the degree and volume of your dry ice cleaning services. Of course, each facility will have different considerations depending on various factors, such as location and usage, but when you stay informed you will be much better prepared to make wise decisions that benefit your facility both in the long term and the short term.

If you are in need of dry ice cleaning services but you’re just not sure how to get started or who to trust, then do not hesitate to get in contact with us today. Our team has years of experience and specialized industry knowledge to deliver the best quality dry ice cleaning service for your facility. No matter how large or small your needs may be, we have you covered.

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