Dry ice blasting is a form of cleaning that uses carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a natural trace gas that makes up 0.05% of the atmosphere — but it’s not merely found in the air. When this gas is turned into a solid form, the result is referred to as dry ice. This dry ice is accelerated in a pressurized steam and is then directed to the surface that is being cleaned.

It is a challenge for many industrial companies to keep their facilities clean — but it’s a necessity. Moreover, some traditional cleaning methods aren’t appropriate for certain applications. U the dry ice blasting method is an effective choice for many organizations. Dry ice blasting is similar to abrasive blasting (which uses abrasive media), but they differ because the dry ice is the blasting media. CO2 cleaning technology replaced the traditional way of cleaning, which used manual scrubbing and chemical agents.

Achieving a clean industry was a hard task until the invention of dry ice cleaning services. Many industries use dry ice blasting cleaning as a cleaning solution. This includes the food and beverage, foundry, chemical, power generation, and cosmetic industries, among others.

This shows that dry ice cleaning systems offer many benefits when working towards a clean industry. Thus, all industries should consider using dry ice blasting on their cleaning day. Here are the advantages that dry ice cleaning services offer.

1. Speed

Attaining a clean industry within a short period is the goal of many industries. Gone are the days when no work could take place on the cleaning day. There is no longer the need to transport a complex machine to a designated cleaning location, disassemble it, mask it, and then reassemble it.

The cold temperatures and the supersonic speed of dry ice blasting equipment achieve a super clean in machines. The pressure penetrates the inner parts removing any dirt that blocks the normal functioning of the machine. A dry cleaning service cuts cleaning time from days to hours.

2. Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, dry ice cleaning machine has a pressure that penetrates even the hidden parts of a complex machine, which means that cleaning is efficient. Manual scrubbing is tiring, and thus a cleaner might not perfectly clean every part of a machine. On the other hand, the efficiency of dry ice blasting is undeniable.

3. Reduced Damage

The process of moving a machine from one place to another can lead to unexpected accidents, which are very common. Using dry ice to clean, does not require the transportation of machines, and thus there are no worries of an accident occurring. Some machines can be destroyed when they are not in service for long. Cleaning for hours instead of days reduces downtime, and thus the negative effects related to a machine not working are curbed.

4. Eco-Friendliness

Achieving a clean industry is vital, but polluting the environment in the process is not wise. Therefore, it is advantageous to use an environmentally friendly method. No cleaning chemicals, heat, or cleaning agents are used in the process.

Only carbon dioxide is used to clean the machines. The dry ice pellets used usually disappear, meaning that they are not eliminated to the surrounding. Therefore, no secondary waste is released to the environment.

5. Affordablity

The fact that the cleaning days are reduced and no cleaning chemicals are purchased means that dry ice blasting is budget-friendly. In addition, the number of people who use the machines is less, which means that the labor cost is also low. Moreover, dry ice cleaning minimizes the negative effects associated with machine cleaning.

Therefore, no extra amounts are needed to purchase new machines which were destroyed during cleaning. This means that it is cheaper now to achieve a clean industry.

It is possible to accomplish a clean industry using dry ice cleaning services. Manual cleaning methods have proved to be tiring, and they are not efficient for cleaning all the dirt. Dry ice blasting is effective in the food industry as it removes microorganisms, which can be impossible when using cleaning agents.

This guide provides you will all the advantages which are associated with using dry ice cleaning services. Work with the best dry ice blasting contractors to receive a sparkling clean industry.

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