Power Generation Cleaning with Less Outage Time in Dallas

Power Generation Cleaning

Electrical substation

Professionals who need to keep their equipment in prime condition will find Dallas Dry Ice Blasting’s power generator cleaning services to be very useful. We can provide you with non-conductive, environmentally friendly cleaning processes that can be applied to a large range of power generation equipment, without the need to disassemble or move heavy equipment, reducing the danger of moving heavy equipment to another area.

With dry ice blasting, particles of carbon dioxide are propelled at supersonic speeds, and the pellets break apart upon impact, cleaning the surface by removing contaminants and dirt off the substrate without creating any secondary waste. Also, non-abrasive CO2 is used in our power generation cleaning services, so that your equipment won’t be damaged, scratched, or etched. – even the most delicate circuit boards.

While reducing the need for laborious scraping, the chance of insulation damage from tools during cleaning, and the need for drying time from solvents or water, our cleaning services can remove contaminants from turbines, motors, generators, and electronics.

Our power generation cleaning solutions have been used in maintaining the following:

  • Inlet Houses
  • Switch gears
  • Turbines
  • Rotors and Stators
  • Isophase Bus Bars
  • Transformers
  • Switch Gears
  • Windings
  • Line insulators
  • Compressors and generators
  • AC/DC motors
  • Circuit breakers

Added benefits of dry ice blasting include:

  • Power interruptions have been eliminated or reduced for customers.
  • Improved reliability of the system
  • The improvement of overall safety is achieved without switching
  • Cleaning can be performed throughout the year
  • Better megohm readings
  • Indexes of polarization increased
  • Reduction of outage time for cleaning of up to 65%
  • Thermal dissipation improved
  • Environment-friendly method of cleaning

Turbine Blasting Services

We are able to offer a gentle, yet powerful way to clean turbines through our dry ice blasting services. Our dry ice blasting experts use the best dry ice blasting agent to give the turbines the cleanest possible surface. Different size turbine blades are cleaned by our dry ice blasting experts to ensure that your machine will receive the highest quality service. By removing build-up and foreign matter with dry ice, you can stop your blades from being damaged.

Turbines can be cleaned while in place, without causing any damage to the cables and insulation, and with no explosive solvents. Our non-toxic, non-conductive turbine blasting services can be scheduled at your facility, so we can assure you the highest quality result.

Safe, Non-Toxic Cryogenic Blasting

Contrary to many solvents used by the cleaning industry, dry ice blasting does not pose a threat to human health. By using this safer chemical-free cleaning method, employees will be significantly protected from hazardous chemical agents and other harmful cleaning methods. This creates a safer work environment by improving operator safety and reducing health risks.

By eliminating disassembly, we can reduce equipment damage during disassembly, thereby reducing fatigue and injury to workers, and saving valuable hours or days by reducing downtime. Cleaning equipment using cryogenic blasting is portable, so equipment can be brought to the blasting unit instead of bringing the equipment to the blasting unit.

Contact us today and we will provide you with a free power generation cleaning quote. To discuss your options and discuss your power-generating cleaning needs, our contractors will visit your business. Our team is here to help. Please call us for more information on our services.

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